Competitive Advantages

Present & Future

TAQAT team comprises top-level Saudi managers and highly-skilled professionals, who apply international practices, and harness their competencies, long and in-depth experience in metals sector to provide quality products and services. This goes in line with precise and strict strategies that keep pace with the accelerating changes worldwide across all sectors. Such plans also carefully analyze the needs of tomorrow, as TAQAT plays an industrial and developmental role at the same time. Proven by its large-scale production capabilities, TAQAT has a huge truck fleet to meet all factories’ needs quickly and professionally.

Our Goals

Leaves an Imprint


As an active player in the metal sector growth, TAQAT seeks to promote and develop the sector insofar as to power the Kingdom’s economy.


TAQAT aims to secure a leading position in iron and metals industry through the excellence of its products and services. It has developed strategic expansion plans by covering most of KSA regions, widening its customer base, building bridges of business as well as realizing customer loyalty. In addition, TAQAT works on developing iron ore and aluminum exportation, making it the first choice for most companies and factories locally and globally. TAQAT also seeks to add new products such as reinforcing steel and formation of other metals.


Believing that its societal role is crucial, TAQAT initiates awareness initiatives addressing specific topics, and launches a number of social responsibility programs, whether for employees or for society in general.


TAQAT adopts techs and best practices of manufacturing, production and recycling that sets environment as a priority, so as to preserve its natural resources and contribute to its sustainability and reduce pollution. Proudly, TAQAT is classified as an environment-friendly company, with an environmental qualification certificate for operation.

Our Accomplishments

Initiation Phase

Notable Accomplishments

Building strong traction with the Saudi Basic Industries Corporation “SABIC“, which marked the beginning of access to most of the Kingdom’s factories
Reaching the refineries of companies in the Kingdom in the mining and recycling activity, within 4 years
Participation in several pioneering projects, notably
Riyadh Rail Project

Project Hall No. 5 in Riyadh

Security Forces Hospital Project

Public Security Medical City

Aramco Dhahran Project

Ministry of Transport project

Company Strategies


To be one of the leading companies in the field of metal recycling


Contribute to providing high quality products to iron and other metal factories

Strategic Plan

Mineral energies possess the premises of success and growth that qualifies them to set strategic goals that enhance their position in the market, as mineral energies have achieved impressive results and significant growth in sales. Based on these components, the company’s strategic objectives are focused on obtaining a market share by increasing the production capacity of all iron products in Local market

Strategic Goals

Raising production capacity to meet the needs of the local market of iron products

Contribute to raising environmental commitment to enhance environmental sustainability

Competition in the local market and increase its position in the market so that it is one of the best suppliers

Developing new distribution channels and offering competitive prices

Working to raise and enhance operational efficiency, which helps reduce costs to achieve competitive returns

Organizational Structure